Solar Cell Testing

Solar Cell Testing

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  ■ Spectral match[400nm-1100nm]:

  (Intervals according to IEC  60904-9:2007)

  0.900-0.905-1.030-1.079-1.145-1.021  Class A

  ■ Non-uniformity of irradiance:

  ■ ≤2%  1200mm×2000mm Class A

  ■ Temporal instability of irradiance:

  ■ Short term instability(STI):≤0.5% Class A

  ■ Long term instability(LTI): ≤1% Class A

  ■ Illuminant life time: ≥10,000 times;

  ■ Data compatibility:≤±0.5%;

  ■ Pluse width:10ms;

  ■ Nominal irradiance:200W/m2-1200W/m2;

  ■ Nominal testing area:1200mm×2000mm;

  ■ Testing range :

  Voltage:  100V(max), Current: 10A(max), Temperature:0℃-80℃

  ■ Testing resolution:

  Voltage:  1/216×range,  Current:1/216×range  ,Temperature:0.1℃

  ■ Test Software Function:

  ■ Artwork display:

  I-V  curve, Pm curve, I curve, V curve and standard cells I curve.

  ■ Test parameter:

  Isc,  Voc, Ipm, Vpm, Pmax, FF, Eff, Rs, Iwork, light Intensity.

  ■ Compensate amendment:

  Test  system having light intensity automation compensation and the temperature  automation amendment function.

  ■ Data handling:

  Have  the data preserves, printing, revolution exist and data base arrange  function.

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